All residents will have the opportunity and expectation to participate in a scholarly project. From the first year of residency residents will be exposed to the components of research through lectures, journal clubs and small group seminars. There is a structured process that begins in the first year for identifying resident scholarly projects and research mentors. As residents progress they will continue to work on their projects with guidance from their research mentor and the residency research director, Dr. Dunsmoor-Su. They will present their work 2 times, first in the second year as a proposal to the faculty to get input and feedback to improve the project. They will then present their findings at the end of 4th year to the whole faculty. Residents will be encouraged to submit their research to local and national conferences and will be supported in attending these conferences to present their work if accepted. Types of scholarly projects available:

  • Bench research
  • Clinical trials
  • Clinical epidemiology and data analysis
  • Systematic review / meta-analysis
  • Quality analysis / quality improvement
  • Curriculum development
  • Simulation research and validation