A four year Obstetrics and Gynecology residency will be challenging and hard work, however our goal is to have a well supported experience for trainees throughout their residency experience. We understand there is an inherent relationship between wellness and performance, and appreciate well-being as an active process of practicing a healthy lifestyle and making choices to boost a physically, mentally, and socially balanced work environment.

We fully support resident wellness and consider it a vital part of training and maintaining a balanced life during the residency time period. Resident wellness resources and activities will include:

  • Swedish residents will have access to the Swedish employee and physician wellness portals, which include:
    • Mental health coaching, therapy, and wellness tools
    • Counseling resources
    • Guided self care
    • 24 hour mental health hotline
  • Dedicated didactics on work/life balance, self care, and preventing burnout
  • Faculty mentoring program
    • Each resident will have a designated faculty mentor, with the goal of at least 6 meetings per year to track professional development, career goals, and wellness
    • Each class will also have a “sponsoring” faculty mentor, who will facilitate periodic class gatherings and activities
  • Monthly gratitude/tea time, a virtual zoom platform to practice mindfulness, help with community building and to cultivate relationships
  • Yearly resident retreat
  • Our faculty have a wide range of interests, and other wellness related activities may include group runs, hikes, paddleboarding and kayaking, yoga, class meals/gatherings, and volunteer opportunities
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